Problems with PAYE paid by Direct Debit

I wonder if there is a wider problem with DD payments to HMRC going missing. I set up a DD through the HMRC website on 22 Jan 2010 to pay PAYE. The payment was taken on 25 Jan 2010 and the HMRC ref: HMRC NDDS appeared on my bank statement. It was only when I received an underpayment notice for the tax year 2009/10 from Cumbernauld, and rang to enquire, that I discovered the Jan 2010 payment had not reached my PAYE account. How many other companies is this affecting?
You can't get access to your own PAYE account, as an employer or agent, so you have no idea whether the PAYE is under or over paid for the year. Mistakes like this by HMRC could go unnoticed for years.
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  • I would like to be able to access PAYE accounts online too, both as an employer and as an agent; at present information as to payments received is only available following a long wait in a telephone queue. No agent phone numbers I'm aware of either.

    Can ICAEW press for both online access and agent phone numbers for PAYE Accounts office queries, please?

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