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Claims to reduce self assessment payments on account for 2016/17. Any problems?

We have been alerted by a member to a possible problem with self assessment payments on account. Are any other members experiencing difficulties with the HMRC on line service to reduce self assessment payments on account for 2016/17? The member who has reported this has submitted four in the last month and has reported that none has been actioned by HMRC although he has received (and printed) a confirmation on each occasion confirming that the claim has been made. Each time he has had to follow up with a telephone call to the agent helpline to get the claim processed.

Have other members had similar problems? Please post your comments below.

  • Yes, I've had exactly the same experience, just one client, but that's one out of one.
    Philip J Gorrod FCA
  • Yes, I have had the same issue with a client, submitted in November and again a few days ago - sorted out (hopefully) by calling the agent dedicated line to-day.

    Simon Bell FCA
  • Yes- same happened to me-2 partners, processed twice (end Oct and last week) by me- neither were processed by HMRC. Officer on Agent helpline effected them manually for me today- I have yet to see if that worked! Agent had not heard of the problem before. I asked her to pass to tech team.
    Robert Lea FCA
  • Yes, we have had two client submissions not processed by HMRC despite the fact we had submission receipts; both done online in November. Phone calls to the agent dedicated line has now updated the client accounts (checked today), but the lady on the phone had no idea why the online submissions had not been processed.
    Helen Grimsdell
  • Yes, an application made on 8 December has not been actioned.
    Chris Reed
    Crowborough, East Sussex