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Claims to reduce self assessment payments on account for 2016/17. Any problems?

We have been alerted by a member to a possible problem with self assessment payments on account. Are any other members experiencing difficulties with the HMRC on line service to reduce self assessment payments on account for 2016/17? The member who has reported this has submitted four in the last month and has reported that none has been actioned by HMRC although he has received (and printed) a confirmation on each occasion confirming that the claim has been made. Each time he has had to follow up with a telephone call to the agent helpline to get the claim processed.

Have other members had similar problems? Please post your comments below.

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  • Hello,

    I have had the exact issue. In past years, I have processed these claims and had no issues arise.

    This year I applied twice for one client. on 6 Dec and again on 5 Jan. On both occasions I have had the claim accepted on the online account and received a submission receipt. Yet my client this week has received a Debt Management letter claiming the PoA.

    A call to this department today and speaking with a lady, she said that these claims were both rejected. That the PoA is still due unless I give an up to date and accurate new tax figure for 2016-17. That there are only a 'few weeks to go, and this should be possible and able to be accurate'. That until and unless I do this, the PoA debt will be chased by them.

    When I stated the amount of the tax allowance available and that it would easily reduce the tax due, this lady replied that past tax is 'irrelevant' for the PoA! When I repeated what she had said back to her, she denied that she had said that.

    I also asked when the rules on PoA reduction applications had changed. This lady stated they have always worked the way she has advised me. However, this has not been my experience. In prior years, any claim put through has been processed. Especially when the client has always paid they're tax on time.

    Please advise me, how can this be so drastically changed and yet none of us know about it? There is no information on the websites or technical information to suggest the rules as advised by this lady from Debt Management work this way. Also, it puts great pressure on our clients, following a year that has been reported as one of the worst on record for financial pressure.

    How are we to support and advise our clients when HMRC keep changing the rules, and suggest different answers from different people and offices? I am finding HMRC really hard to work with these days, some of their staff very rude and belligerent. Then I dial the same number, get a different office entirely and the reverse is true. Really unhelpful and unprofessional.

    Debby Norris ACA
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