How long is it taking HMRC to turnaround post in 2017?

Members have continued to report issues with the length of time that HMRC takes to respond to written correspondence. HMRC’s published statistics show that it is meeting its target of clearing 80% of post within 15 working days and 95% within 40 working days. Feedback, positive and negative, is invaluable in helping us to monitor this area of HMRC’s work and as evidence to support the concerns we raise.

To enable us to provide HMRC with up to date evidence on its performance in handling post and the impact on members, please post comments below to tell us about your experiences, indicating if possible:

  • the date of the letter or form
  • the type of tax (SA, PAYE, CT, CIS,VAT etc.)
  • the HMRC address used
  • the date of HMRC’s reply or the processing date
  • whether HMRC’s reply dealt with the issue fully.
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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 9 months ago
    They may be saying they have responded in 15 days but it then seems to take 3 to 4 weeks (possibly longer) for the actual letter from to be received. This based on comments from HMRC is a post office issue. I am not 100% sure I would accept this as the reason.

    Example I seem to be fined for not making a company tax return to HMRC (in dispute). No reminders sent previously although they indicate they were sent (these reminder may arrive next week after fine letter I expect)

    Fine letter dated 19/04/2017 letter actually received 17/05/2017 payment due 19/05/2017. I expect if payment not made and issue resolved I will get another fine!

    Not happy as spent all morning on the HMRC website and telephone help line roundabout trying to establish what the problem was (if any). If you have tried the helpline you will know what I mean.

    The website logins for area I need to access has error message, although login credential work when on phone and to other areas of the website but no access given to area I need (system broken?) strange as was logged in to other areas earlier and later. Then tried the help line as looks like known issue based on error message on screen - call this number sorry we cannot help you with that issue here call this number - have you tried logging in to the help page that tells you to call them (F*&#).

    Then I tried to make a complaint about the disjointed piss poor system, mail delays and it would seem there complaint system is broken today as well. I expect others just received letter more than 4 weeks after official date of issue. I can not seem to find the correct page to make a complaint about there complaints system.

    If they were not the government I would expect some sort of internet scam.
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