How long is it taking HMRC to turnaround post in 2017?

Members have continued to report issues with the length of time that HMRC takes to respond to written correspondence. HMRC’s published statistics show that it is meeting its target of clearing 80% of post within 15 working days and 95% within 40 working days. Feedback, positive and negative, is invaluable in helping us to monitor this area of HMRC’s work and as evidence to support the concerns we raise.

To enable us to provide HMRC with up to date evidence on its performance in handling post and the impact on members, please post comments below to tell us about your experiences, indicating if possible:

  • the date of the letter or form
  • the type of tax (SA, PAYE, CT, CIS,VAT etc.)
  • the HMRC address used
  • the date of HMRC’s reply or the processing date
  • whether HMRC’s reply dealt with the issue fully.
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  • Self assessment. Due to online filing issues I have had to submit several paper returns. The personal returns have been logged as received within 14 days but 30 - 35 days later have not been processed. Due to the nature of the filing issues there is usually a repayment involved so these are being delayed.
    With trust returns submitted on paper they have not even been logged as received within 35 days.
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