Tax repayments: how is HMRC performing in 2017?

The Tax Faculty would welcome current evidence of how quickly HMRC is issuing refunds in 2017, to support the work we do to monitor HMRC service levels.

Please comment below on your experience of refunds, telling us:

  • What the overpayment relates to – self assessment, individual PAYE, corporation tax, Employers’ PAYE etc
  • How long you have you been waiting or, if the repayment has now been received, how long it took to be processed
  • If the repayment was withheld by HMRC, the reason for this, if known
  • Any general comments on the repayment process in relation to any specific tax (or taxes).


No Data
  • Self-Assessment, return submitted 15 January and the £55k in my Clients account on the 23rd.
    Paperwork took a little longer! The letter confirming repayment being issued dated19th, arrived on the 30th.
    Generally have found that repayments have been made promptly .