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Tax repayments: how is HMRC performing in 2017?

The Tax Faculty would welcome current evidence of how quickly HMRC is issuing refunds in 2017, to support the work we do to monitor HMRC service levels.

Please comment below on your experience of refunds, telling us:

  • What the overpayment relates to – self assessment, individual PAYE, corporation tax, Employers’ PAYE etc
  • How long you have you been waiting or, if the repayment has now been received, how long it took to be processed
  • If the repayment was withheld by HMRC, the reason for this, if known
  • Any general comments on the repayment process in relation to any specific tax (or taxes).
No Data
  • Client has access to PAYE dashboard and notified us that this showed a PAYE overpayment.

    PAYE Tax Officer assured us there was no PAYE liability against which this would need to be offset, and so a refund was requested. Client has ceased trading, so no further RTIs or EPSs filed.

    Then we received a call from HMRC - apparently there was a CT underpayment so PAYE to be offset against this. However the client paid the CT liability 10 days before PAYE refund diverted, so now there is a CT overpayment.

    Rang CT - they will refund. We are not to ring again until 14 March.

    Then we received a call from HMRC - apparently there is now a PAYE underpayment on the dashboard so they will not repay, they will divert to PAYE. We were advised to ring PAYE again. Not sure why.

    Rang CT again, who incidentally had not sent the overpayment back to PAYE, now refund put on a work list and we are not to ring again until 13 April.

    Client on the phone chasing us all the time - it makes us look very inefficient.