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Has anyone managed to get this to work recently? It asks for Business Type, Agent Name and UTR. We filled in our partnership details and it gives an error message saying not recognised! It has proved extremely difficult to try to track down someone to speak to about this - have tried at least  4 different numbers so far - 2 of the 4 had not even heard of ATED. So we have hit a brick wall!!!

Any suggestions?


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    Same issues here. Perhaps it is the whole country.
    If we were ok to file all the years up to now without this new on line rubbish, why are they giving us such a hassle. What are they trying to achieve.
    HMRC Please help.
  • We managed to register as an agent using our existing government gateway ID - however, we are now having trouble registering clients. The need for overseas clients to create a government gateway ID seems excessive and I am not happy asking clients to undertake this long-winded and confusing process - particularly as it seems to require either a CT or NRL tax reference - which an ATED paying company will not have. Despite the website saying that agents can register such clients using an ATED1, HMRC are telling me that that form doesn't cover the online service!
    It seems unclear whether we will be able to continue to use the online forums - although I was hoping the new system would be an improvement on that deeply flawed system
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    the best clients under ATED are the ones who do not have a UK tax reference (ie they pay the ATED charges) in this case you can send your client the ATED1 form to sign and return to you for Hmrc forwarding. The problem clients are the ones who are non resident landlords, (ie they do not pay ATED anyway) who have a UK tax reference as you will need to do something even UK clients find tricky - setting up a government gateway account. once they have done this you need to ask your client to enter your unique authorisation code (achieved through setting up the client on your firm's ated online account, where all your clients will now be based in one place). It does seem quite laborious and will be a shock to many accountants who may not realise the system has changed. The online ated form for submission looks deceptively like last year's , but it requires a new tax reference starting with ATED..., so it will not be possible for anyone to file unless they go through these hoops.
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    a further thought, yes - you can file the form and leave the new reference 'ATED...' blank i believe.
  • Yes we're having problems too - my colleague says: Gov.UK says ‘only admin agents can enrol for the ATED service’ when I attempt it, even though I’m logging on through our CT HMRC account. But even trying to set up a fresh account, just as an experiment, gets the same error message. I can’t find any guidance online for this situation. I called the ATED helpline and the officer wasn’t able to help and has escalated the call. She said someone should email me in the next couple of days.
  • We are an LLP, and our name changed after a merger back in 2013. To register I had to enter the LLP's original name, which is now showing in our ATED agent record, along with (probably) the original address! There is no obvious way of changing this.

    Still the firm is registered - now I want to allocate assistants - but ATED isn't showing as a service in our agent account on government gateway, so I can't. The wait for the ATED helpline ( we need to use the usual ATED line, and keep holding) is long - I am now waiting on an email from digital services, as the usual ATED staff seem only to be able to give limited help. It may be better to use the direct email link provided very recently.
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    Very confused. Clients do not tend to set up their government gateway , especially if overseas.

    I have a non res company that does pay ATED and also has a NRL UTR. Getting help from HMRC is impossible. ATED line sends you to online services help line ,and they have no idea either. Can I send the client a paper form to sign ?

    Can we do the Relief exemption forms online for clients without going through the agent gateway ?
  • We have had problems with this and initially the technical services e-mail were responsive but unhelpful, now they are no longer responsive. The problem with not recognising UTR is because your agency name may be recorded differently by HMRC to what you think it should be....
    We have set up the agency and additional users (to whom we have allocated clients) using the government gateway, but those users are unable to access the service(!).
    Additionally the system sets up new ATED UTRs so am unable to see how we are supposed to view earlier years returns?
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    I have got as far as registering as an agent, and set up clients, BUT cannot get much further than that yet. HMRC help line is totally useless they keep saying go the their website
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    Morning All, I appear to have got further than most.
    1. the ated service does not appear as the usual services do ie SA VAT CT Etc you have to log in via the registration button. it then takes you straight to your ated service. But you have to go through the registration link.
    2 when in,the setting up clients etc is easy.
    3. If clients are not set up with a gateway ask the client if you can do it for them, the whole process is 18 steps and is done in one sitting no need to wait for letters in post etc.
    4. The only ticket I currently have outstanding is for foreign companies - when entering the address you cannot enter a country and as such I have at this stage not got to the next screen.
    If I get any further I will post again
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    Were you able to appoint an agent on Client's Gateway? That is my stumbling block
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    The Tax Faculty has raised these issues with HMRC who have advised that queries should be sent by email to