ATED Agent Registration

Has anyone managed to get this to work recently? It asks for Business Type, Agent Name and UTR. We filled in our partnership details and it gives an error message saying not recognised! It has proved extremely difficult to try to track down someone to speak to about this - have tried at least  4 different numbers so far - 2 of the 4 had not even heard of ATED. So we have hit a brick wall!!!

Any suggestions?


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  • We managed to register as an agent using our existing government gateway ID - however, we are now having trouble registering clients. The need for overseas clients to create a government gateway ID seems excessive and I am not happy asking clients to undertake this long-winded and confusing process - particularly as it seems to require either a CT or NRL tax reference - which an ATED paying company will not have. Despite the website saying that agents can register such clients using an ATED1, HMRC are telling me that that form doesn't cover the online service!
    It seems unclear whether we will be able to continue to use the online forums - although I was hoping the new system would be an improvement on that deeply flawed system