ATED Agent Registration

Has anyone managed to get this to work recently? It asks for Business Type, Agent Name and UTR. We filled in our partnership details and it gives an error message saying not recognised! It has proved extremely difficult to try to track down someone to speak to about this - have tried at least  4 different numbers so far - 2 of the 4 had not even heard of ATED. So we have hit a brick wall!!!

Any suggestions?


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  • Yes we're having problems too - my colleague says: Gov.UK says ‘only admin agents can enrol for the ATED service’ when I attempt it, even though I’m logging on through our CT HMRC account. But even trying to set up a fresh account, just as an experiment, gets the same error message. I can’t find any guidance online for this situation. I called the ATED helpline and the officer wasn’t able to help and has escalated the call. She said someone should email me in the next couple of days.
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