NI Deferment

We are receiving letters from HMRC informing us we don't need to apply for deferment for 2015/16.  We are advised that "When you complete your 2015/16 SA return HMRC will use the information they already hold and the information in your return to let you know any class 2 and class 4 NI you need to pay.  A breakdown of all the amounts to be paid will be displayed on your SA calculation."

So presumably the client pays full class1 during the year and full class 4 is declared on the SA return and it is left to HMRC, in its own time, to calculate what refund is due.

Given our experience of how long it takes Newcastle to prepare its annual calculations our clients are going to be out of pocket for months.

Just how is this going to work?

  • If you go to the website to the NIC pages, there is a link to claim NIC refunds.  A series of questions will take you through to the correct form and process to claim.
    I have not done this yet, so do not know how well it will work.