Missing details when using HMRC software to file 2017 self assessment returns?

A member has reported the following:

The online system appears normal while entering all the data for a Tax Return, but when it is saved as a PDF the file does not show the Tax Return exactly as I would expect.

  1. No relevant personal details such as name, address, UTR and NI number on page 1
  2. No name and UTR at top of some of the supplementary pages -- see property section
  3. No unique reference at the foot of each page to identify the version of the Tax Return, although there is one at the foot of the final two pages (the tax calculation)
  4. The tax calculation pages (page 21 and 22) are those for 2015-16 not 2016-17. However, the numbers shown are indeed those correctly computed for 2016-17 tax payable.

The member has been unable to provide clients with a suitable Tax Return for 2016-17 for them to review and approve for submission.

Another member has made a similar report. The issue has been reported to HMRC and an answer is awaited. Have other members experienced this issue? To confirm: it affects HMRC online SA software, not any commercial software.

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  • Yes, I am experiencing exactly same problem, but it is intermittent. Some clients go through fine; others have the problem as described. I also had a case with a husband and wife with very similar returns including identical capital gains tax pages. The wife' return submitted without a hitch; the husband's was rejected by HMRC with a comment "8425 [CGT45-52] must not be empty", although there is no absolute requirement that these boxes should bear an entry. Reported to HMRC on 18 May 2017 - still awaiting a response.
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