Paying Trust Tax by direct debit

I don't know if any body else has this problem. I am trying to set up a direct debit to pay  self assessment tax for a family trust I run. I log in to my online account click direct debit and it asks me to sign in again. I do that and just get back to the log in page. web chat suggested to avoid this looping, I clear the browsing history, clear cookies and try again entering the user ID & password from the keyboard (instead of using autocomplete).

I have done all this and have tried three different browsers. Still the same answer for both small trusts I run. Direct debit works fine for my individual tax. I may end up just posting a cheque now they have discontinued the post office payment method.

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  • Its very bad that Post Office payment method discontinued. This was an easy way for SME client to pay taxes and have instant proof of payment.  HMRC revenues will be reduced due to this unfortunate step.

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