Have you received out of hours voicemails from HMRC?

At 10.30pm on 3 January 2018, a member received a spoken text message from HMRC, sent to their home landline, to say if they have a trust they needed to have registered it by 5 January. There are several issues:

  • It’s not clear how HMRC got the number or why they think the member would have a new trust (she does have existing trusts but the deadline is 5 March)
  • Leaving a message at that time of night is very disturbing and may cause considerable anxiety (recipient may think it is some sort of emergency), especially if the recipient is not a tax professional
  • An alert just two days before the deadline is unhelpful when there has been absolutely no communication of the need to register before then

Are members aware of contact from HMRC out of hours, either in connection with the trust registration service or any other matter? Please comment below on any such cases.