Tax advice on how to voulenteer more

Ok buckle in 'cause this is a doozy. Can I and should I form a nonprofit to my and my wife's tax burden so we can voulenteer more?

More info: we live and work in northern California and have pared our life down as much as we can in order to voulenteer with disaster relief and outreach in association with a religious organization. We are both employed full time (not by said religious organazation) and receive w2's from our job. Lately we have realized it would be beneficial for us to have certain tools to help other with the continuos planned blackouts and fires in California. I also have been asked to transport FEMA-like trailers and supplies all around the country (class A commercial drivers licensee ) but can't because I don't have a truck of any sort. My thought is if we were to start an nonprofit or ngo we could deduct less from our w2's and fund our desire to help more people and volunteer while still being tax exemption. Is this remotely possible? Does this idea pass muster to a tax professional? Thank you in advance for all your input.