COVID 19 and small workshop business

Hi ICAEW team,

Your guidance has been super helpful, so thank you for your continued support through this surreal situation. 

I have a question for you regarding a small limited company business that does body work for historic cars.  It's based at the founders house; in a workshop say 20m from their house.  The founder's wife is in the extremely vulnerable category and the founder himself is over 70.

The son, the current director, has closed the business, on what he believed to be the advice of the government on Sunday night, but now is concerned his 8 workers will not be eligible for the furlough grant.  The workshop is big enough for the workers to be 2m away from each other, but there is only one toliet and one kettle etc.  They all share the same machinery.  There is enough work to get on with currently.

The son is currently in isolation hinself, as his daughter is displaying symptoms of covid.  However the workers are healthy.

My question is whether he needs the workers to go back to work or whether he will be able to claim furlough relief?

Many thanks for your advice.