Has anyone managed to get the HMRC online reporting of the sale of a UK property to work please?

 I have 3 clients with disposals of Buy to Lets recently sold, that need reporting by the end of July.  All 3 clients have obtained a UK property account number.  I have set up my agent services account and get through to entering the property account number but don't get any further.  None the three property account numbers are recognised.  When I tried last week I got one step further and also was able to enter my clients post codes which the portal said did not match the property account numbers. 

I rang HMRC and they said that the portal is working and I have to use the online help at the bottom of the page. I did this for one of the clients.  The reply is that I will get a reply within 2 working days.  Incidentally I will be in France for the next week so I did not submit the same query for each of the other 2 clients.  Hopefully I will be able to get home despite Covid restrictions before the end of July.