Are online HMRC Authorisation Codes being delayed?

Has anyone else noticed that the online HMRC Authorisation Codes are not arriving with clients.


HMRC have told us that the codes are sent out by First Class post.

One was issued on January 12 and the other on January 16. Neither have been received by the client.

 HMRC have confirmed "issued" does mean "put in the postbox" and we have checked they used the correct address in both cases.

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  • 64-8 System is very slow. Also HMRC is cheeky, some times there is an error on 64-8 and HMRC replies through a letter pointing out objection but does not display a phone no or fax number to contact. Seems there is money to waste on Concentrix, rather than having money to have a phone no for 64-8 !!!!
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