Congratulations to the winners of our competition!

We asked you for your Excel New Year's Resolutions in our competition in partnership with Filtered.  There were separate competitions for IT Faculty / Excel Community subscribers, and for anyone else that was happy sharing their promises with us.

Without further ado, here are our winners!

Grand Prize winner - Excel Community / IT Faculty subscriber (10 all-access passes for Filtered training)

Congratulations to Adnan Ali!

My 2019 Excel resolution is to bring in more efficiency into my excel usage, primarily through learning and implementing Macros (already building Macros). Equally, I am also looking forward to sharing and educating my work colleagues and at professional WhatsApp groups some of the Excel tricks and tips I am learning along the way.

This is a great two-fold goal - it both shows how Adnan is looking to increase their own knowledge, and also how they're looking to share their expertise with others.  The essence of being a good Excel user, in my opinion, is a combination of a drive for self-improvement and a collaborative mindset.

Prize winner - General entry (1 all-access pass for Filtered training)

Congratulations to Malcolm Bacchus!

To ensure that all my spreadsheets, including inputs, outputs, calculations, VBA and Power Query formulae, are properly and fully documented so that others can understand them and maintain them.

Another excellent goal for any Excel expert - and a good habit to form even if you're not yet an expert yourself.  Malcolm's goal will make sure that whatever he makes in Excel stays useful and relevant even if he's not available to run it himself.

Congratulations again to both of our winners - we'll be in touch shortly!