Excel Community volunteers sought

ICAEW's Excel Community exists to promote good spreadsheet practice and help accountants improve their Excel efficiency and capabilities.  Since its inception, it has been steered by a group of active volunteers, drawn from ICAEW's membership, who have helped to decide the priorities for the Community as well as contributed to its output - from blogs such as the recent Introduction to Financial Modelling series, to landmark publications such as the Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice.

We are currently seeking new volunteers to join the committees that steer the Excel Community.  While having particular Excel knowledge might be helpful, we are just as interested in hearing from users of spreadsheets and the Excel Community about their experiences, regardless of expertise.  We are also interested in diversifying the voices around the table - so would be keen to hear from prospective volunteers who are women, younger members, or from other diverse backgrounds.

If you're interested in learning more, please contact us at excel@icaew.com.