A Tesla experience in the world of accounting?

Anyone that has a Tesla, or has been in a Tesla will be aware that many of the car’s functions are controlled by touching and pressing on the iPad-like touch screen; wipers, lights, air conditioning, opening the boot etc. Many of these are also controllable by simply speaking the relevant command e.g. decrease fan speed by 2.

So, what similarities are there between this and the accounting practice?

Enter the Elgato Stream Deck. This sits fairly and squarely in the gaming arena, and is advertised as a console for…well….streaming….to aid game capture, control lighting and cameras, launch media, adjust, and mix audio etc. It comes in various sizes with 6, 15 or 32 customisable buttons. However, each button can have a sub-level of buttons, so the 15-button version ends up with 210 options!

So where does this fit in with day to day accounting work? Chartered accountant Dave Sellick has been working with this device for a couple of years, and has implemented it into all his workflows, such that it in use practically all the time, increasing efficiencies dramatically, with just a few Windows system commands available in the product.

How does it improve efficiency? 

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