A week in the digital life of generation Z

Here we present the words of Joseph, a Generation Z student who came to ICAEW on work experience.  Here he tells us about his week and growing up with technology.

A Week in my Life

Every day I use technology constantly. I’ve grown up with it and it’s a part of my life. Us modern generations have so much technology integrated into our lives. I use technology for a huge number of things including: Films, TV, Communication (Texting and Calling), Making lists, Alarms, Music, Researching things, Homework, etc… There are so many different uses for technology in our lives it’s impossible to make a list. It helps us do everyday things faster and more efficiently but, it does come with a lot of stress…

From Monday to Friday I do the same thing: I’m woken up by my alarm on my Alexa and check my phone for messages from my friends. The world I’m growing up in is all connected and communication across the world is even easier than face to face.

Eventually, I walk to school where my teachers use their computers to do the register online. No paper needed. During the lessons all my teachers present their lessons on a PowerPoint. At some point in the day we may even go to a computer room where everyone can use the computers to complete tasks.

After a while it’s time to go home. As soon as I get home I check if any youtubers have released any new videos and watch them for a few hours. At about 6pm I’ll use the computer to do any outstanding homework I have due for the next two or so days. During all this time from when I get home, to when I go to sleep I will be constantly receiving texts from people or be on FaceTime (Video call) with them. The digital world allows a constant stream of communication to be achieved with all of my friends. This means we can always talk and laugh together. After I’ve finished my homework each day I’ll sit down and play video games on my PS4 or PC, sometimes on my own submerging myself in a digital fantasy storyline or with my friends battling to be number 1.

Obviously, at some point I have to go to bed which is usually by about 11pm. I’ll finish texting with my friends, say goodnight and then play music on my Alexa to help me sleep. Then I put my phone on my fireplace and go to sleep.

The weekends start here

On the weekends it’s a bit different: On Saturday I’m not woken up by my alarm and sleep-in. By which time there’s a lot of activity on my Instagram DMs. The group chat that I am part of has a lot of messages which I reply to and a few separate conversations with people have a few unread messages. After this, I get up and go on my PS4 to play some video games. I eat lunch, do some more homework and then in the evening after eating dinner, I watch a film sometimes with/without the rest of my family. Finally, once again, I put some music on, finish texting my friends and go to bed.

On Sunday I wake up late once again. Text my friends etc… Later however I sometimes have to help my mum to order the shopping to be delivered. I don’t stay up as late on Sunday as I do Saturday because I have to get up for school the next day.