Competition - Excel New Year's Resolutions

Hello all and a Happy New Year!

We're pleased to have teamed up with our partners Filtered to run a competition for some great prizes - namely free access to all of Filtered's great Microsoft Office and business courses for one lucky winner.  There's also a grand prize of free access for you and up to nine colleagues for the best submission by an Excel Community / IT Faculty member - so if you are a member, please enter behind the paywall here.  If you'd like to find out more about becoming an Excel Community subscriber, read more here - including the Excel courses from Filtered that membership lets you access.

The competition is for your Excel New Year's Resolution.  What's something you want to commit to improving this year - a new skill you want to learn, a piece of best practice you want to stick to, or a bad habit you want to kick?  It can be anything big or small - we'll pick our favourites for a follow-up post and identify our winners.

Here are the competition rules:

  1. Enter by posting a comment on this post, or by sending a message to
  2. Only one entry per person - and please provide contact details in case you're our winner!
  3. You can enter either the general competition (open to the world, for one all-access Filtered license), or the Excel Community-specific competition (for ten licenses), but not both
  4. Entries will be accepted until 0900 GMT on Monday, 21st January; ICAEW and Filtered will then judge all entries and select the winners

If you're looking for some inspiration, consider reading our Excel thought leadership: