Excel Community round-up - August 2019

Here is all of August's new Excel content.  Excel Community and Tech Faculty members can access all posts by logging in to their accounts: Other users can access posts described as "public".

Excel Tip of the Week

301 - Google Sheets: SORT (public)

The dynamic SORT function can organise a whole range of data with just one function.

302 - Linear regression functions

Excel has plenty of statistical analysis functions for you to check out - in this Tip, we take a look at those related to linear regression.

303 - Revisiting the Formula Wizard

The Formula Wizard can help you keep your complicated formulas straight - even when nesting formulas.

304 - Google Sheets: FILTER

Continuing the series on Google Sheets' dynamic arrays, here's a look at a powerful dynamic array function that can filter the data it returns.

Modelling 101

Part 51 - ALTernative Excel in an instance

Modeller Liam Bastick covers how to make multiple instances of Excel work for you.

Part 52 - New Excel functions: XLOOKUP and XMATCH

Liam shows off two new functions coming to Excel for Office 365 soon - and explains why both VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH fans should be excited to jump ship!

Other blogs

Book review: Supercharge Excel: When you learn to write DAX for Power Pivot

Simon Hurst reviews a recent Excel book on the powerful DAX language for Power BI and Power Pivot.

Modern Excel - Statistical & forecasting charts

David Benaim guides you through the latest charting and formula options for forecasting and for presenting statistical data.

Accountants' guide to Excel: Keeping your formula cells safe

Simon Hurst talks you through the essentials of cell and worksheet protection.

Excel tips for accountants - Working with CSV files

New blogger Tom Edmunds, fresh from his webinar last month, begins a series on working with accounting data with a deep dive into the common CSV file format.