Excel Community round-up - July 2020

Here is all of July 2020's new Excel content.  Excel Community and Tech Faculty members can access all posts by logging in to their accounts: Other users can access posts described as "public".

Excel Tip of the Week

349 - Rounding redux (public)

We review all the options for rounding numbers available in Excel, and compare their strengths and weaknesses.

350 - Power Query: Creating a ranking

Easily create a top suppliers list or other numbered ranking of your data using this clever Power Query workaround.

351 - Non-linear regression

Excel can calculate regression statistics easily - and project future values - even when your data isn't linearly related.  The Tip of the Week explains.

352 - Keyboard shortcuts for entering formulas

An entry-level look at how to improve your efficiency at writing Excel formulas.

Modelling 101

Part 61 - Scalable data validation

Managing nested layers of dropdown menus is no easy feat - but Liam Bastick has some ideas about how to make it workable.

Part 62 - Searching Slicers

If you have a lot of values in your Slicer, they can be difficult to use.  Liam has a clever trick to make a searchable filter for your Slicers.

Other blogs

DAX without PivotTables - making Excel safer?

Simon Hurst explores how to try and use DAX to build a spreadsheet environment entirely unlike what we might be used to.

Power Query to the rescue (again)

Simon Hurst works on a client's issue - how to reformat some extremely unhelpful data using only a single-cell list of letters to indicate different people.

Intro to Financial Modelling - Part 7: Consistency - Timeline (public)

Jonelle Johnson-Turner of Amberside Advisors brings the latest in our free exploration of the essential tenets of good financial modelling, with a look at how to mark out timelines.

Is it time to stop using legacy Excel? (public)

Simon Hurst explores whether Power Query, Power Pivot, and other tools have reached the point where they could legitimately replace traditional formulas.

Data validation & dropdowns: Excel vs Google Sheets

David Benaim explores the wide world of options for data validation available in both programs - and shows where Google Sheets really has the upper hand.

Excel Virtually Global - Recorded sessions

The recent charity Excel event has now uploaded recordings of its sessions.  Make a donation and take a look at what they have to offer.