Excel Community round-up - June 2019

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Excel Tip of the Week

292 - Wildcards (public)

Special characters like ? and # can be used to super-charge your Excel text formulas and find-replace operations.

293 - Revisiting layering conditional formats

Conditional formatting is already useful, but getting an understanding of how multiple formats overlap and interact can make it even more so.

294 - Converting data stored as text

Any number of things can leave your Excel thinking that numbers are actually text - but luckily, there're a range of options for converting them.

295 - Binomial distribution functions

The Tip of the Week dives a bit deeper into the world of statistics to examine how to work with the binomial distribution.

Modelling 101

Part 49 - Pivotal PivotTables

Liam Bastick explores the basics of the PivotTables feature for modelling users.

Part 50 - Slicer of Good Fortune

Liam explores how to use Slicers to easily filter data - as well as creating a custom sort order for your PivotTables.

Other blogs

Poll - Accountants can't do their jobs properly without an understanding of Power Query (public)

The title says it all - come and weigh in on the discussion!

Accountants' guide to Excel - Excel Tables: Tables and Excel automation, part 3

Simon Hurst lays out some useful features of Excel Tables, as well as workarounds for some of their limitations.