Excel Community round-up - November 2018

Here are November's Excel posts.  Excel Community and IT Faculty members can access all posts by logging in to their accounts: Other users can access posts described as "public".

The Excel Tip of the Week

262 - Screenshots (public)

There are probably more options for making and using screenshots in Excel than you realise.

263 - VBA case study: Making a hyperlinked table of contents

A quick and simple way of building navigation hyperlinks into your workbook, with a simple macro.

264 - Working day functions revisited

Quickly and easily count the number of working days between two dates, or compute what date falls a given number of working days after a start point, with these functions.

265 - Revisiting DATEDIF

An unusually hidden function, DATEDIF can help you calculate the time between two dates in months, years, and more.

Other blogs

Introducing the Financial Modelling Code

If you haven't read our new publication yet, then this is a great introduction to our guide to best practice in financial model building.

Modern Excel - In-cell charts

New blogger David Benaim starts his series investigating the newest functionality in Excel.  This week: How to make contextual mini-charts in the cells.

What's new in Excel 2019

Liam Bastick gives a comprehensive overview of the new features and functions in Excel 2019.

More on lookups - Power BI introduces a range of fuzzy matches (public)

Simon Hurst showcases some new developments in Power BI that allow for approximate or inexact matches to be used.

Spreadsheet challenge - Australia leads the world

Simon introduces an unusual research challenge being run for Excel experts - take a look and see what you can do!

Power Query privacy issues

Simon provides an overview of how to manage privacy settings for your Power Query projects.

Replace PowerPoint - text builds in Excel

Simon looks at how to replicate some classic PowerPoint functionality in Excel.