Excel Community round-up - October 2019

Here is all of October's new Excel content.  Excel Community and Tech Faculty members can access all posts by logging in to their accounts: Other users can access posts described as "public".

Excel Tip of the Week

309 - Randomisation redux (public)

Generating dummy data for your workbooks is important - and making realistic data means having an understanding of the options available for randomisation in Excel.  The Tip of the Week gives a rundown of what's available.

310 - Revisiting reviewing formulas

Formulas are a critically important part of Excel - so don't let them be taken as read.  This Tip dives into tools and techniques you can use to review and check that your formulas are working as intended.

311 - Less-known formatting options

Your workbooks don't have to look like everybody else's - there are some unusual formatting options you might not even be aware of.  Check out our tour of what's on offer!

312 - Revisiting customising the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

Easy and efficient use of Excel is a goal for us all - and customisation could be the answer.  Add your own most-used items to your own custom Ribbon menu - or even have them always available from the top of Excel in the Quick Access Toolbar.

313 - Revisiting find & replace

An essential tool for sure - but Excel's find & replace probably has more functionality than you realise.  It can go inside formulas, across sheets, and even look for and change formatting.  Check out this Tip of the Week for the full lowdown.

Other blogs

Modelling hits the TV screens

Simon Hurst takes a tongue-in-cheek at spreadsheets in television - from the Great British Bake-Off down - and reminds us of the some of the important lessons for spreadsheet success that we can learn from them.

Should all auditors understand Power Query?

Simon takes a challenging look at just how essential the new data model and manipulation options offered by Power Query are.  Should a modern accountant be happy not knowing about the possibilities of Power Query?

We choose to use PivotTables not because they are hard, but because they are easy (public)

Simon provides a preview of his article (below), outlining just how easy and beneficial PivotTables can be.

Accountants' Guide to Excel: Why it's OK not to use PivotTables

In the full (ironically-titled) post, Simon shows how simple PivotTables can help to automate some common accounting processes, and links to other resources to help you learn more on your Pivot journey.

Excel tips for accountants - Managing tabs in working papers

Tom Edmunds continues his series on working with accounting data with a post looking at how copying a client's PBC worksheet into your working papers really works - it's more complex than you might realise!

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