Excel Community round-up - September 2019

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Excel Tip of the Week

305 - Revisiting counting distinct items (public)

Techniques for identifying how many different unique items appear within a range - even if you need to apply a condition first.

306 - VBA case study: Creating filtered reports

In the first of a two-part series, the Excel Tip of the Week shows you how to create a series of reports filtered from a master list.

307 - VBA case study: Protecting or hiding sheets

The series concludes with an examination of how to protect, hide, unprotect, or unhide batches of sheets at once with macros.

308 - Google Sheets: QUERY

The powerful Google Query language can be accessed in a spreadsheet environment using the QUERY function in Google Sheets - learn more here.

Other blogs

Accountant's guide to Excel: Keeping your formula cells safe part 2

Simon Hurst continues his exploration of protection with some more complex approaches for workbook and range protection.

Modelling 101 Part 53: Dynamic arrays one year on

Despite being launched a year ago for Office 365 Insiders, dynamic arrays are still little-known and are developing slowly.  Liam Bastick charts their story so far.

Using Office applications to use up spare time

Simon discusses a bevy of ways that careless use of Office suite programs can let users waste time - and what they might want to change if they want that time back.

Power Query: New views to use

Liam gives an overview of some new data visualisation options within Power Query and their usefulness in spotting errors in data.

Modern Excel - Beyond XLOOKUP: Fuzzy matching, merge, and relationships

David Benaim - like everyone else in the Excel world - is excited about the new XLOOKUP function - but knows that it's not enough alone.  He introduces some more options.

How Power Query increases Excel's power exponentially

Simon shows how Power Query can add some useful functionality even when working with just a few rows of data.

Excel tips for accountants - Working with address data

Tom Edmunds returns with a look at how to break down a complex data rearrangement task into bite-size steps.