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On 14 October 2019 we will be providing an update on GDPR.  This webianr is exclusive to Tech Faculty Members.

To ensure that we address your concerns we invite you to send in your questions in advance. We will also be able to address questions that come in during course of the webinar.

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Event information

The GDPR came into force in the UK on May 25 2018.  Many organisations put a lot of effort into preparing for that day. However, since then not a lot has appeared to have happened and many organisations may be lulled into a false sense of security. This is a mistake as the risk of fines, sanctions and reputational damage is still very real. As at 22 May 2019, a report issued by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), stated there had been over 280,000 cases requiring investigation across 27 EEA states. Furthermore, being compliant with the legislation is a constant task requiring regular reviews and updates and not a one-time tick box exercise. 

Benefits of attending

In this webinar we will provide some guidance on how to ensure organisations can remain compliant with this important legislation. The webinar will answer questions from members, explore some of the areas where organisations are struggling with GDPR compliance and provide some direct advice on information protection.