Help for members – data science and business analysis

One of the more popular discussion topics that we find ourselves involved in when meeting members is where on the [data science <–> subject matter expert] continuum a modern chartered accountant should sit. Indeed, this will form the main topic of debate in the upcoming Mid-Market Tech Forum. The most common view is that a CA should sit somewhere in the middle – comfortable with requesting, handling and analysing data, interfacing with the data scientists to gather what is needed, and communicating insights back to the business.

I am pleased to announce two new online courses for Tech Faculty/Excel Community members that will help them get up-to-speed in this area. Both are sister courses to our popular Excel courses and provided by our training partner Filtered; they include the ability to filter out the content you may already know, and provide you with the facility to test your knowledge (and progress) at the start and end of the courses via the Test IQ facility.

Course #1 Introduction to Data Science

This course provides an introduction to data science and data. It provides an overview of software tools, including the basics of Excel and R in this area. In the section on understanding data, the course goes through an initial appraisal of a data set, handling big data and probability. It also includes a section of drawing inferences from data, with modules on visualisation, making predictions and decision making. If you or your staff want to be able to draw insights and trends from reports then this course will give you the tools to do so.

Course #2 Business Analysis

The course will take you through a proven, structured process to improve your ability to collect, analyse and forecast information, generate valuable insights and make well-supported business decisions. It includes sections on communicating your message, creating winning charts, looking inside (and outside) your data, and comparing business scenarios.

Courses included for Tech Faculty members

Both courses are available to Tech Faculty and Excel Community members as part of their annual subscription until the end of the year. To find out more take a look at our online training page