How many IT changes are needed when a staff member leaves?

Staff come to the firm or practice, and staff go again. The leaving may be retirement, moving on to another practice-either locally or moving away, or it may be they have decided to set up on their own.

The latter especially is a potentially thorny problem. They may have been planning it for some time and sounding out clients they currently work with, letting them know this was on the cards. Some may go with them and some may take great exception to this type of approach and stay loyal to the practice.

Once you have wind of this latter action, are they asked to leave immediately, or do they work their notice period?

Whichever way, there is a risk of them, for want of a better phrase, “stealing data” so they can hit the ground running. If it is cloud-based software, e.g. online accounting, they only need to be given user access by the business owner and off they go. This is less easy where desktop-based software is in use. Take payroll for instance – the chances are the leaver will choose to use the same software they have been using in their employment in the practice, so they buy a licence. Payroll can be  quite time consuming to set up from scratch, with all the standing data for the employer and all the employees, as well as the year to date figures. So why not just “help yourself” to the payroll backup files, either by downloading them, emailing them to yourself, or using a memory stick. Working from home, this is much easier to do. Restore the data files and again hit the ground running.

There is a bit more to it than that though…

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