How many software products are in use…and how are they launched?

A headline in January 2020 stated that the government is to invest £40m in simplifying an ageing and complex technology estate that it claims requires NHS staff to log into as many as 15 separate IT systems. The first aim is to work with the suppliers to try and standardise log-in systems and processes across the health service, as well as offering a range of log-in methods – including biometric options, in addition to traditional passwords.

The process of logging in and dealing with passwords is a common problem across all industries and businesses. Accountants logging into HMRC systems currently have different logins for many of the different services.

Over the years, the tools in the accountants’ armoury have increased significantly, and we now have mobile apps to contend with as well.

How can we deal with all these logins in an effective manner? And how many pieces of software might be used?

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