Making tax digital – is it just me that is having issues?

Back in May, I posted about some major issues with MTD.

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by someone who identified he had the same problem with 2 Factor Authentication, and could I help, as he was getting nowhere fast with HMRC helplines. I sent him the help sheets I was eventually provided with after nearly 6 weeks – problem solved.

We have been in the pilot scheme, so had been filing for some time. However, as a result of the major issue in May, we provided spreadsheets with the information which HMRC keyed in (don’t ask!) to their systems. This was fine, except in one case, something did not update. Therefore, the accounts software which has direct links to HMRC systems shows January – March still outstanding, and it would not therefore permit the filing of the April – June return. In desperation, we produced a VAT return report, took a screen shot and emailed it to our contact at HMRC. The response was: -

Unfortunately, I can’t arrange for the 06/19 return to be input manually as boxes 6-9 have been completed with pence and they should be in whole pounds only. Please complete the attached spreadsheet and send it to me and I will get it input manually.

What a waste of time for all parties! Lost for words……well polite ones anyway! We assume that the pence are removed when the return is submitted through the software.  

Whilst not strictly MTD related, it has proved difficult to get HMRC Authority for VAT in place on several occasions. A message appeared in the old Gateway that “authority cannot be issued” – no idea why. We tried again through the new Agent Services Account once the client was set up for MTD filing. Here we only need to enter the VAT number and date of VAT registration. This worked, and a link is generated for emailing to the client. He needs his government gateway login and password which he had – or so he thought. These were the “wrong” credentials apparently – still struggling with this one.

 We did another through the new agent services account. The client had provided us with details on his VAT certificate, but the date kept failing. Eventually we dug out an old paper file going back to 1988, and found a letter dated 23 December sending the VAT registration application to HMRC, asking to be registered from 15 December (which was the date on the certificate). We entered 23 December as a date – and it worked!

 On a general note, the HMRC authorisation is supposed to last 18 months before having to be applied again. However, we seem to be forever having to re-authorise connections. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

Let’s see what the 7 September filing deadline sends to waste yet more time!

Is it all working for you?