Tip of the Week #5 - Quick navigation shortcuts

Hello all and welcome to this week's Tip, a Basic User post on some useful spreadsheet navigation shortcuts.  As a reminder, the weekly Tips are usually posted in the Excel Community blog, but one Tip a month is cross-posted here as a sample of the kind of content that's available.

There are many keyboard shortcuts that speed up the process of navigating around a workbook.  Try these out: 

  • Ctrl + arrow keys – The selected cell will ‘jump’ in the indicated direction.  If you start in a filled in cell, it’ll stop just before the next empty cell.  If you start in an empty cell, it’ll stop inside the next filled cell.  Holding Shift at the same time will select all the cells you move through.
  • Ctrl + Page Up / Page Down – This will move you through all the worksheets (tabs) in a workbook.
  • Ctrl + [ - Press this combination when highlighting a formula cell, and you’ll highlight all the cells which that formula references: 
  • Ctrl + ] – Press this combination when highlighting a cell with some data in it, and Excel will highlight all cells which contain formulas that refer to that cell.
  • Home - moves the cursor to the 'Home' of the current row (generally the first cell).

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  • Here's some beautiful keys...

    Ctrl + Home - Takes you straight to A1 (or top left when you sues freeze panes)

    Ctrl + End - Takes you to the bottom right corner - just luverly....  (This used to be Ctrl + End  then Home but in 2010 is just Ctrl + End)

    Also hold down Shift and use the arrows to highlight a block of cells.  Most of these also work in Word (which is of course an awful -program mostly to be avoided) and the Web.  

    Ctrl + arrows will jump along a line a word at a time and then you can use shift and arrows to highlight and select.  All of that then leads you too...

    Ctrl + X - Cut

    Ctrl + C - Copy

    Ctrl + V - Paste

    Not to mention ALT + Tab to switch between windows....