Watch our new Tech Talks on key tech trends

The Tech Faculty has created a brand new series of Tech Talk videos on the key technology trends for the profession. These videos are open to everyone and reflect our focus on the ABCD disruptive technologies:

We’ve also added ‘E’ – ethics – and created a short video about our new report on new technologies, ethics and accountability.

These videos serve as short introductions to each of the topics and highlight further resources that are available. Along with expert guests, we talk about what the trends are, why they’re important for the profession and some practical actions for accountants to take. We also tackle some of the more difficult questions about the technologies. Will AI take away the jobs of accountants?  What is blockchain actually being used for?  Why do so many organisations struggle to get good basic security right?  And what skills will accountants need to make use of big data?

You can find links to all of the Tech Talks here.