Why would I use a PivotTable?

...as someone so nearly said

Over at the Excel Community, the latest article in our Accountants' Guide to Excel series looks at the 'Why?' of using PivotTables. Loved and hated with equal ferocity, PivotTables have been called Excel's equivalent of Marmite (other yeast-based spreads are available). The series will go on to see how PivotTables can take you as far as an interactive dashboard but starts with the simple quesion of why you might want to use a PivotTable at all:

Accountants' Guide to Excel – Why it's OK not to use PivotTables

In an attempt to demonstrate the underlying basics of PivotTables we use a practical example to create a monthly summary of 1,000 bank transactions using 5 mouse clicks:

  • Click on any cell in the Table
  • Choose PivotTable from the Insert Ribbon tab, Tables group
  • Click OK
  • Click Date
  • Click Amount

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