Welcome to the new Tech Faculty!

Some 28 years after the faculty was launched (and after many years of discussion within our main governing board) we are excited to announce we have rebranded the IT Faculty to become the new ICAEW Tech Faculty! This is in recognition of the increasingly important role that tech is playing in the profession, as well as embracing current terminology used in the sector.


As tech drives up the agenda, we will apply a laser-like focus on areas of interest and relevance to ICAEW chartered accountants – affecting them now and in the future. We created our ‘ABCD’ mnemonic of disruptive technologies some two years ago (AI, blockchain, cyber and data), which remains as relevant today as it was then. In 2019, we are adding E with our research into the impact of technology on ethics. We will continue to research and provide guidance on areas which impact members, including automation, the move to cloud, doing more with data and the impact on skills.

New newswire service

We are launching a new twice-a-month newswire service called Tech News; this replaces IT Counts and eChartech, and will update readers with latest research and guidance in the sector. We will also use this newswire to surface highlights from our latest thought leadership work, premium faculty content and meetings of the different tech fora we are involved with.

Subscription to Tech News will be free to anyone, enabling subscribers to join and participate in a community of like-minded professionals interested in tech. You can subscribe to the new Tech News (if you are not already an IT Counts subscriber) very simply by just entering basic details on the button to the right that says ‘Subscribe by email’.

What about existing faculty members?

We will carry on creating premium content for our valued faculty members, delivered exclusively through our online and offline content, including Chartech, Tech Essentials, webinars, Tech News and the Excel Community.

As before this will be informed by our highly regarded research and thought leadership activity, as well as feedback from our various stakeholders, active volunteers and the presentation of our work to audiences of interested professionals around the world.


Faculty resources are surfaced to members through our website (icaew.com/techfac). We have undertaken an in-depth review to ensure all our content and topic hubs are available through the new Tech Faculty pages of the site. Some older content may refer to the IT Faculty, but rest assured, if it is on the site it will still be current.

Join the faculty

Membership of the faculty is open to anyone, not just ICAEW members. To learn more about the benefits of membership, and to try before you buy, you can find more details on our separate joining page.