Where is your to-do list? Can others see it too?

In previous blogs, the creation and use of spreadsheets to record and monitor data that was available elsewhere in other systems was highlighted. In a similar vein, the use of diaries and calendars for similar purposes has also come to light!

What are the “problems” and is it making mountains out of molehills?

Visibility of tasks to others (or lack thereof) is one potential problem, and the time wasted in creating and maintaining these extra records is another. 

One event came to light recently. An email was received by the partner administrator of a product noting that a PAYE payment to HMRC had been set up in a prior month but there was no payment set for this month. On enquiry, it was ascertained that the staff were “too busy” to set it up with the payroll but they had a “diary note” to deal with it before it became due.

It transpired that the diary was paper based, i.e. a standard page a day diary. This was locked in a drawer every night when the staff member left the office. It also transpired that this diary is now kept at home due to the current ways of working!

What systems are in place or “not working” to the extent that someone has to resort to keeping their own records in their own way?

We will take a look at some of these systems and try to identify the failings….

Shared calendars are in use – and all staff can view all calendars….

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