Data backup offsite

I am looking for recommerndations for a company that offers data backup services.

We currently run in house,  a daily "system back" up plus important files are uploaded onto the IRIS backup offering. However, I would feel happier having a whole system backup plus daily incremental backups held offsite, Iron Mountain has been suggested but any other ideas?

  • MIS Systems Engineering offer a tailored backup solution, specifically designed for accountants.

    I do not know your location in the UK, however we are sponsoring an ICAEW event in the Northern region.

    If you are unable to attend, details at



  • I use


    I used to use but had problems when I tried to restore. Backup Direct were unable to resolve the problem.

  • We use Zymanda. This has a low cost, but is not a "retail" product and assumes a fair degree of technical expertise.
  • As KinteticD (formerly Data Deposit Box) has been mentioned, perhaps I could note that I have been using them for my home system several years (at least 5, I think) and found it to be very good. While the computer is on and connected to the internet it continually looks for new or changed files and sends them for backup. There's an option for it to store up to three previous versions of a file. I was quite impressed when I first got an email from it warning me that no backups had been done for a week (good reason: we were away on holiday and the computer was switched off). For my purely domestic purposes, no problem. It has a bit of an antiquated look and feel to it, but it just runs in the background and does its job; and I have no need to play with the interface very often (although I do restore the odd file from time to time).

    They have heavier-duty versions more suitable for a business, but the fact that they are owned and based the other side of the Atlantic means that anyone using it for business purposes and handling personal data would need to look carefully at the DPA implications.

  • Good point about DPA implications. I told the Information Commissioner's Office  and they issued me an amended certificate showing transfers to USA and Canada.