How Business Intelligence solution works?

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help organizations meet the strategic, tactical and operational reporting requirements. BI solutions enable user to analyze the key figures/measure in different business views, time views and also enable comparison between Actual/Budget/Forecast/To go figures.

How BI works:

Business operations generate data at different locations and are stored in IT systems (SAP and non-SAP source systems).

  • In step 1: This data is extracted, cleaned, consolidated, harmonized and stored in the Enterprise Data Warehouse. 
  • In step 2: Data is transformed and stored in application specific cubes to meet reporting requirements of different business functions and user groups. 
  • In step 3: Reporting tools are used to present the data in the form of Dashboards, Analytical or Table reports to cover the strategic, tactical and operational reporting requirements.

Key Advantages:

  • One version of truth across enterprise & trusted quality validated data
  • Enables focus on action rather on correctness of data
  • Flexible: Designed with current reporting requirement but is flexible to allow analysis and coverage of future requirement
  • Amount of information an organization produces continue to increase. BI solutions help an organization to understand key business information from this data.