Sage 200 Nominal Ledger Reports - Purchase Order "Description"

Calling all Sage 200 users, I am seeking to write a Nominal Ledger report (in Profit and Loss sequence) which lists, ranged by date & nominal account and cost centre/department, all entries line by line and which includes the "Description" given in the originating purchase order (if any) and the project code/name if the item was allocated to a project. (Other nice to have details could include the supplier reference, URN etc.)

The provision of this information would seem to be a basic requirement of an accounting system but with Sage 200 I seem to be running into a brick wall.

Does anyone know how to access this data? I would be pleased to hear from you.

Many thnaks,

John Rylands
  • Sounds mad that it can't. Time to look for an alternative?

    Aqilla's Ledger Enquiry can do it so long as Cost Centre, PO Line Description, Supplier Reference, etc. are mapped to the transactions in the nominal accounts when posted (which is part of the configuration exercise).

    For more information see here.