Project accounting and reporting software

I want to aquaint myself with the latest project and multi-programme accounting and reporting products. Can anyone suggest a sensibly priced product(s).  I am famililiar with the SAP offering and have bespoke solutions experience.

The features I am interested in:

  • multi year time horizon
  • 100+ project capability with Programmes with sub programmes
  • Multiple hierachy reporting
  • Benefits tracking and cost control is key
  • Hold  actual costs, capex and benefits and report against budget, plan, latest forecast
  • Real time reforecast capability
  • Report from inception and to completion etc
  • Interface with GL, time recording and project planning tools
  • Cost allocation may be required
  • Flexible and expandable data base with equally flexible reporting capability
  • Ability to hold project documentation and control data
  • Slice and dice MI capability
  • Audit trail, security and restricted access features

  • Hi

    I have a copy of Sage X3 purchased for a very different reason

    I rate it very highly and it has a costing and inventory function.

    If you are interested I can get someone from Sage to talk to you.  I would say it suits up to a largish medium sized company.  It has many pre written reports but it relies on Oracle tables and so can be used with Crystal or any other similar product.