How do you make Office documents self-destruct?


Is it possible to e-mail word, excel or powerpoint files that self-destruct after a set expiry time. Our business uses NDA agreements to manage confidentiality but we feel uncomfortable e-mailing Office documents that contain valuable corporate information. It would be reassuring if we knew they would automatically delete themselves after 3 months.


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  • For MS Excel you can use a VBA module which is protected to run everytime a file is opened - it can check for the current system date and if the system date exceeds the expiry date, delete all cells on all worksheets. I am not sure if these can work on MS Word and Powerpoint since I do not use VBA codes on them.

    The drawback that come to my mind immediately is that if a person known of such protection, he can easily change the system date to before the expiry date and can access the data.
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