ARE YOU READY? - the Connected Guest will demand more than you expect of the industry

I am sitting in a hotel room in Preston frustrated (actually really really frustrated) at the poor connectivity the hotel owner, the hotel brand and the hotel operator is providing me tonight. Much worse than I get at home. And I am 64. Imagine what a 24 year old would be feeling!

I make no apologies for sharing this document (download the paper for free here). It is an advertorial I downloaded recently from the internet. But so critical are the issues it raises, it should be read by most if not all of you to understand how guest expectations (in my view of guests all near all generations) have, and are, changing.

Does it ring a bell or two for you? What will you do about it at your hotels? How do you get your hotel clients to be alert to these issues?

I look forward to hearing from you

  • Hi Ann - Good to know that you are "on the case"; I live in a village in Devon and we have slow broadband (8MB on a good day) and no mobile signal. When the tourists come and rent the nearby cottages and houses, the speed reduces considerably as more and more people come on line. The issue is not on the agenda of the Parish Council or the local council as far as I can tell. So you are in a enlightened part of the country. Ian

  • Being 9 kilometers from the BT exchange, we have struggled with less than .5 Mb on our caravan park for several years.  It was difficult enough to keep connected for our admin purposes  - but when you add customers in 180+ holiday homes 'inadequate' is an understatement. (We invested in WiFi infrastructure 8 years ago). Customers assumed we were totally oblivious to their problems but we weren't. It was simply that every solution offered by the market proved unsuitable. However help is at hand from B4RN - the amazing community enterprise which is bringing broadband to the rural North. We expressed interest in this about 4 years ago and now it is within 1 mile of our park. Our speed should be nearer 1Gb once we're up and running.  It will be a considerable investment but definitely worthwhile - a dream come true!

    Please do not automatically assume that the hotel or accommodation owner is not trying to meet your needs.... if it was left to BT it certainly would never be any better in our hamlet than the .5 Mb currently provided!!