BBC News: Should tourists be banned from Antarctica?

I saw this story on the BBC News iPad App and thought you should see it:

Should tourists be banned from Antarctica?

This season around 37,000 tourists are expected to visit Antarctica - but is it ethically acceptable to go on holiday to such a pristine environment?

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  • ....... and tougher when you have no government to decide upon the rules and enforce them!

  • There are some examples I know of but frankly money gets in the way of what is "ideal":-

    For visitors to Galapagos, the Ecadorian government seeks to control total numbers per annum and footfall per island per day. The numbers are low by the standards of visitors to the Eiffel Tower but its a step in the right direction.

    The Saudi government controls the number of Haj visitors and exercises control over the number of Umrah visitors

    The local government controls the number and timing of visitors to Granada

  • Ideally we'd show we can make it (no impact tourism) work elsewhere before piling into Antarctica.