Budget for Tourism

As the main domestic tourist season draws to a close, the budget was awaited with interest on the East Coast as with many areas to see what if anything could be found in it to help the areas vital tourism trade develop.

Tourism operators are very resourceful and self driven but every now and then it needs the bigger picture issues addressing. In Lincolnshire the local Enterprise Partnership has a stated intention to double the tourist economy, and to do that it needs infrastructure upgrades to allow the doubling.

Its interesting to watch the post budget feedback on how the Northern Powerhouse might fair; or how many billions are going to be invested into the already over populated South East ; and how we are told that the South East will with all its extra money and housing can  reward the rest of the Country by driving the economic growth.

Skegness at the heart of the East Lincolnshire economy and always in the top 10 by visitor numbers will just have to put its £5.0m allocated for road upgrades by the local County to amazing use if its to support a doubling of the economy using that as base contribution.

It was also interesting how the other domestic tourism hotspots were absent by mention in the budget.

Thankfully however the North is being given a massive white elephant of High Speed Toy Train from London to Leeds, when what it might have been better with would have been modernisation of its  local infrastructure to allow it to create local jobs and wealth, away from the centre, where people enjoy holidays and relaxation and allow year round trade.

Always next budget says the optimist.