CAA ATOL Reporting Accountant September 2019 renewals

As at ATOL reporting accountant you should have received an email from the CAA confirming changes in the Part 1 process from this renewal. Some of my ATOL clients were very frustrated when they received emails from the CAA asking them to start their online renewal process earlier this month and when they went on the portal to commence it wasn't available.  The emails to ATOL holders were sent out in error and the ATOL Portal should be open next week. 

There is a welcome change to the cumbersome process of submission of the AAR Part 1.  The AAR Part 1 is directly populated with the APC returns submitted and confirmed by the ATOL holders for that period.  Previously it was made available to the ATOL holders to complete a declaration that the figures were correct.  The report was then made available to the ATOL holder's Reporting Accountant.  On the basis that ATOL holders provide the declaration when they submit APC returns and that declared data is pre-populated in the AAR Part 1, the report will not be made available directly to the ATOL Reporting Accountants when the renewal window opens.  The report will confirm that it is pre-populated with the declared APC returns data as submitted and confirmed by the ATOL holder during the period specified. After that nothing has changed in the process.

If, after reviewing the Licensable Revenue and Passenger numbers you are not able to sign off the report you should select "REJECT".  This will then generate a notification to the ATOL holder advising that the report has been rejected and they must resubmit the APC returns.  Once they have done so the revised AAR Part 1 will be made available to the ATOL Reporting Accountant.  As ATOL Reporting accountants we should get an email notification as to when it is available to review. 

The process for the AAR Part 2 remans unchanged at present.  The ATOL holders will provide the financial information from the latest relevant financial statements as part of the completion of the online renewal application form.  We have quite a high amount of these Part 2's being incorrectly completed by the client, mostly due to not having correct positive or negative prefixes and misunderstanding as to what is being taken from where.  Ensure you do check and revert back with advice to them on how to correct before you sign off.