How to vote in the tourism and hospitality forum

You may be aware that we recently launched the ICAEW Tourism and Hospitality voting forum. If you have experienced difficulty accessing or voting in this forum then please see below a step by step guide in how to ensure that your vote is counted!


In order to log vote in the Tourism and Hospitality forum you would need to visit:

Once here please access the post which reads ‘Tourism and Hospitality Content Forum’.

If you click onto the voting page and are unable to see the ratings or are unable to vote then you may need to sign into your profile.


Should this be your first time logging into the forum then you may see a bar appear towards the top of the page which informs you that you will need to join this group in order to participate.

Click this bar for immediate access. However if you are unable to see this then please return to the main forum page where it should be visible.


You should now be able to reply to the topics as well as vote.

Please note that there are 20 topics to choose from which cover 2 pages. There is a link at the bottom of the page to proceed onto page 2.


In order to vote please use the star system which is listed just below the topic. Should you wish to know how many people have voted for a particular topic or what the average rating is then please hover your cursor over the stars.