Is your organisation ready for the next major incident?

The webinar we hosted on how to management can mitigate (it is important to note that we are always, unable to eliminate) the risk and more importantly, the impact of a major incident.
New Year’s Eve on 31 December 2015 in Dubai, saw some “Fire Works”, which were not planned for. Namely, the Address Downtown Dubai went up in flames, just a few hours before the spectacular fireworks of Burj Khalifa stole the limelight.
Whilst the incident reported only a few guests with minor injuries, careful incident planning, helped the Hotel work efficiently with the Dubai Police and the Fire Department and safely evacuate the area and accommodate guests at alternative hotels. And as the say, the show went on.
It was some feat considering the number of people who were there to watch the fireworks, we close to a million. Whilst by no means can such events be predicted, it goes a long way if organisations are prepared.
Coming back to our webinar, do not intend to regurgitate the entire presentation, but would like to draw attention to some of the key areas of discussion that got me thinking.
Daniel McShee, Partner, Kennedys, really helped put in perspective that whilst we are unable to predict such events, having a proper plan in place will ensure investigations are handled properly. As these usually commence from the day of the incident, time is of essence.
Lastly, the helpful and professional team at Locktons made us aware that whilst non-specialist insurers often tend to have knee-jerk reactions. 
With new and emerging exposures, such as “loss of attraction” at a theme park, it is more than ever required that we are ready for the the next major incident. With a plan that we hope, we never have to put in action.